Original article posted December 15, 2016 at the Herald Sun

HUNDREDS of sneaker freaks queued for hours hoping to buy a pair of Kanye West exclusive limited-edition designer shoes.

Punters formed long queues outside Adidas’ Emporium and Chadstone stores with lines stretching out the door and around the corner.

But getting to the front didn’t mean they were a shoe-in to walk away with the sneakers.

The Emporium Adidas store was flooded with hundreds of fans vying for the chance to buy Yeezys. Picture: Reece Hooker
Adidas stores around Melbourne were flooded with hundreds of fans vying for the chance to buy Yeezys. Picture: Reece Hooker

Instead, shoppers entered a raffle with only the winners able to buy the prized Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 shoes.

The luxurious sneaker is the latest in rapper Kanye West’s line with the German fashion giant.

In the Chadstone raffle, only ninety lucky winners will end up with shoes. The store was mobbed at opening and within four hours, all 450 raffle tickets had been snapped up.

For some it would be a pricey early Christmas present, but for others it was a unique “investment”.

On social media, markets have sprung up for the shoes that fetch between $800-$1000. Sellers can net a hefty profit of nearly 300 per cent on the shoes, which retail at $340.

Emporium Adidas store employee Dimi Shi estimated about half of the crowd of 400 entered the draw with an eye to profit.

“Some people line up because they want to make money selling the shoe in the aftermarket, some just want to wear it,” Mr Shi explained.

Leon Howard, 17, waiting with his brother Sam, said he wasn’t sure what he’d do with the shoes if he won.

“It’s bad to say, because some frown upon it, but I might re-sell them.”

Sneaker fan Leon Howard was willing to wait for hours in a bid to get his hands on the exclusive shoes. Picture: Reece Hooker

Jarris Papadatos, 16, simply wanted to wear the sneakers.

“I want the shoes, they’re unique,” he said.

But he admitted the resale value was tempting.

“If I can win more than one pair, I’ll probably sell them.”

The raffle will be drawn on Friday with the lucky winners getting their hands on the shoes on Saturday.


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